Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Salisbury at #20 Cal Lutheran Match Preview

1. Burtzlaff/Thomas vs. Wetterholm/Hunt
2. Barnas/Nottage vs. Karsant/Lassila
3. Lupinetti/Robinson vs. Culpepper/Giuffrida

1. Scott Burtzlaff vs. Andrew Giuffrida
2. Evan Thomas vs. Paul Wetterholm
3. David Lupinetti vs. Forrest Hunt
4. Daniel Barnas vs. Ryan Lassila
5. Andrew Nottage vs. John Karsant
6. Sasha Felikson vs. Jordan Culpepper

The winner of this match is taking a good first step towards stealing an At-Large bid for the NCAA Tournament. The loser can probably count themselves out. This is a good chance for Salisbury to knock off a ranked team and potentially move into the top 25. They have had some very tough losses so far this year but this would a great win for them. Cal Lutheran is coming off a hard fought match against Amherst. They are looking to rebound by beating a good team and securing their place in the top 25. I think the Cal Lu's doubles are very good and they should win 2 of the 3 doubles matches. I like Salisbury at the bottom of the lineup, but Cal Lu near the top. I think the match could come down to 3 and 4 singles and I like Cal Lu in a 5-4 win. A reminder that live stats can be found on