Thursday, March 12, 2009

#6 Kenyon at #9 UC Santa Cruz Match Preview

1. Greenberg/Vandenberg vs. Kamel/Vartabedian
2. Becker/Brody vs. Gendelman/Liberty-Point
3. Piskacek/Polster vs. Mark-Griffin/Ortiz

1. Michael Greenberg vs. Max Liberty-Point
2. Tomas Piskacek vs, jared Kamel
3. Jeremy Polster vs. Max Ortiz
4. Charlie Brody vs. Ilya Gendelman
5. Will Vandenberg vs. Colin Mark-Griffin
6. Daniel Becker vs. Marc Vartabedian

A huge early season match between two team who have seen each other before. Kenyon won a shocker in Minnesota to get the best of the Slugs but now Santa Cruz is looking for revenge on their home courts. Kenyon faltered in a match against CMS a few days ago so they are also looking to get back on track and find their way into the top 5. Given the results of the last match and the home court advantage, I have to give the edge to Santa Cruz in doubles and I think they will take a 2-1 lead with wins at 1 and 2. The top 2 singles spots I'm going to give to Kenyon and this would put them ahead 3-2. Santa Cruz should have the edge at both 5 and 6 with the results from the last match and this would mean they only need 1 of 2 in the 3 and 4 spots. However, I think Kenyon is strong here and should be able to win the top 4 spots to beat Santa Cruz and take the match 5-4.